Outcome.Life equipped Alex with the right networking skills and experience that helped him land his first job in Australia after graduating.

After arriving 6 years ago from Mauritius to study a Bachelor in Environment with a Major in Architecture and then a Masters in Architecture, Alex was up against a few roadblocks as an international student seeking work in Australia.

a??I tried using Seek.com, but it didna??t work. I applied for close to 30 jobs on Seek, without receiving a single response. My friends were also experiencing the same thing, so I ended up giving up,a?? said Alex.

a??I also felt very limited in terms of the job opportunities that I could apply for, when a lot of ads specifically asking for permanent residents. That stopped me from applying straight away.a??

After paying university fees of approximately $30,000 a year, and all up a total close to $150,000, Alex sought out additional support after coming across Outcome.Life.

A regular at Outcome.Hub, Alex started meeting lots of people and started focusing his energy on networking.

a??Networking turned out to be the most successful strategy for me, in seeking employment.a??

a??Every job I applied for through networking, I progressed through to the interview round, and I managed to get the third job I applied for.a??

Outcome.Life showed Alex the ropes of networking and gave him a boost in being more proactive in his job search.

a??Generally, after you graduate and youa??re applying for lots of jobs and cana??t find anything, you kind of lose confidence in yourself. Outcome.Life was a really strong support network and they helped give me the confidence to keep applying.a??

A?a??Outcome.Life are a really welcoming and positive community. I really enjoyed my time at Outcome.Hub, and the whole experience was incredibly beneficial to me.a??