Andrea met some of the Outcome.Life team at a conference, and since then she has found Outcome.Life to be a great resource as an international student.

After leaving her home country of Columbia, with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering and a Masters in Geotechnical Engineering, Andrea came to Australia to learn how to speak English and gain better work prospects.

Having worked 2 years for a multi-national infrastructure company, Andrea was eager to find more meaningful work.

Andrea is currently studying Engineering Technology (Civil) at Melbourne Polytechnic, to improve her technician skills.

a??Studying in Australia is giving me lots of skills, that I can apply back at home, in the future. Ita??s also making me more self-confident and is changing my point of view,a?? said Andrea.

Although currently studying and looking for work, Andrea is also working as a president in an international student association at school, to advocate for international students after her own challenging experiences.

a??When I extended my VISA I applied for a course, and it turned out to be a terrible course that I paid a lot of money for.a??

a??I felt like I was wasting my money and they didna??t care.a??

a??I was very disappointed, which I why I chose to change education providers and went to Melbourne Polytechnic instead.a??

a??As international students, we dona??t always have the correct or current information about our rights, or about where we should look for opportunities in Australia.a??

a??When I met the Outcome.Life team at a conference, I found the information they shared really helpful and well informed.a??

a??They also quickly became an important source of encouragement.a??

a??Be it a conference, their advice and even just by listening, Outcome.Life have shown me, that as a student I can do it, I can be involved in Australia.a??

a??And not just as an employee but as an individual in Australia, that can be a part of Australia.a??