Outcome.Life gave Isaac the opportunity to get career ready by helping him obtain real life experience through an internship.

After completing 2 years back home in Malaysia, Isaac came to Australia to complete his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering.

Although Isaac had the academic skills necessary behind him, he found it extremely difficult once he commenced his job search.

a??I didna??t have any experience beyond my studies, and I literally sent out 80-90 resumes and the only responses I received were rejectionsa??, said Isaac.

Outcome.Life helped Isaac identify that it was industry experience that he needed to work on, to help him find employment.

As working part-time in customer service in retail got him by while studying, but wasna??t relevant to his chosen field.

a??Through Outcome.Life I received great advice on job-seeking. They were very helpful, and they sourced an internship for me, which was the best step in starting my career.a??

a??I needed a whole new skill set and the internship gave me the opportunity to learn beyond my studies and gain the appropriate experience I needed.a??