Outcome.Life helped Taiyo find an internship, and gain Australian based work experience.

Taiyo came to Australia to study Global Media and Communications after studying a Bachelor of Engineering in Malaysia, and gaining 3 years of work experience in Kuala Lumpur.

Lucky enough to have received a scholarship from the Indonesian government, Taiyoa??s education and living costs are largely covered, which gives her the time to work part-time for an Indonesian magazine whilst studying.

After working back in Kuala Lumpur, in marketing and as a journalist, along with doing some freelance work, Taiyo was keen to gain additional work experience in Australia.

a??I came across Outcome.Life and they seemed like the perfect place to find an internship,a?? said Taiyo.

a??Outcome.Life have a very nice vibe about them, ita??s a good environment for international students.a??

a??They take on a lot of internships, and they help open the door for international students.a??

a??Establishing yourself in a new country can be really hard and unfair. Everyone wants to be in a better working environment and on a better salary, but a lot of companies are very skeptical.a??

a??They only take citizens, as they are doubtful that internationals are capable of doing the same job.a??

a??So, ita??s important to be persistent and show potential employers that you can add value to their company.a??

a??Coming from a different culture, can be a rich resource to companies.a??

a??It helps contribute different perspectives and ways of working within the workplace.a??

a??I love Australia because of its diversity and its dynamic environment, which is why I wanted to make a start and get involved through an internshipa??.A?A?