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Why host an intern?

Vocational placements, also known as internships, are one of the most cost-effective ways to add enthusiastic, engaged and diverse staff to your business.

In an increasingly international marketplace, market leaders are looking to add fresh talent and global perspectives to their teams.

Interns are a great way to source new talent, “try before you buy” or get a head-start on an important project.

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find great talent for your business

"We've had 5 interns and all of them have been terrific. We've offered jobs to 4 out of 5 and the one we haven't offered a job to is still completing their internship..."

Why host interns through Outcome.Life?

As one of our host organisations, here’s what you can expect from the program:

Qualified and highly-motivated interns

All of our interns are completing a Bachelors degree or higher, with many completing their Masters or other post-graduate qualifications. They are highly motivated to make a valuable contribution to your business, as this experience is pivotal to kick-starting their careers.

Covered by insurance

 All interns are covered by sufficient insurance for the duration of the program.

Previous experience

Many of our international interns have previous experience in their chosen fields and can add value to your business straight away.

No financial outlay

As the internships earn course credits as part of the student's education, there is no monetary cost to our host organisations for the 12 week (full- or part-time) internships. However, the host organisation is welcome to pay the intern should they wish to.

Specialised knowledge

 Our interns specialise in various disciplines such as ICT, Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain Logistics, Marketing, all types of Engineering and many more.

FairWork compliant

As our interns are participating in the program as part of their accredited higher education courses, the program meets all the compliance requirements for unpaid vocational placements under the FairWork Australia guidelines.

Make the right hiring decisions

"Hiring an unpaid intern has been a fantastic way to find talent because it means you've got three months to test each other out... Both parties can then enter into the next stage confident that it's going to work out."

Internships and Projects

We understand that not every business has the time and resources to take on interns, which is why we offer different internship options to suit your needs


The traditional internship experience allows the student to work under the supervision of a staff member and complete various tasks assigned to them throughout the internship.

These are the most dynamic work experiences and allow the organisation flexibility when allocating tasks and resources.

Our host organisations have the option to take one or more interns at any time.

On-Site Projects

These internships are best for organisations that have a specific project or longer-term tasks that can be completed by a team of interns at the organisation’s offices.

They allow close management of the project and continual open dialogue for feedback by the organisation, whilst giving the students valuable experience in a team project environment and insight into Australian office culture.

Off-Site Projects

The best internship option for organisations that have a specific project or proposal but may not have resources available (like office space or time).

Projects are completed by a team of interns at one of Outcome.Life’s co-working spaces, under the supervision of experienced mentors and industry professionals. A supervisor from the organisation is only required to meet with the team a few times to monitor progress and provide feedback.

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