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Congratulations! You’ve landed a job interview. Now what?

The interview is one of the most important steps in the job application process. You’ve done the hard work to get your network networking, your application noticed, and your resume and LinkedIn profile shining. But you’re not there just yet. You may have had the experience where you’ve landed interviews but received no job offers. This course is for you.

Our online course, as a precursor to our interview workshops, will help you prepare for your next interview. Delivered entirely online and in modules, complete the course at your own pace and learn to present yourself as best as possible in your next interview.

What You Will Learn:


Learn how to effectively review the job description before the interview. This includes reviewing the company, position title, prerequisites, the interviewer, and roles and responsibilities. 

Breaking down the job description.

Research the company you’re interviewing with before the interview. This includes researching the company’s website, latest news, industry trends, staff, and culture.

Learn about the company you’re interviewing with.

Learn how to prepare for the most common interview questions, what questions you should ask the interviewer, what the STAR technique is, and how to deliver and present your questions and answers.

Prepare yourself for your interview to minimise surprises.

Learn what to do on the day of your interview before you leave home. This includes what to bring, what to wear, and where you need to be.

Be prepared for your interview.

Learn how to present yourself in the interview. This includes communication best practices, how to make a good first impression, and how to communicate with your body language and tone.

Learn to confidently present yourself in the interview.

Learn how to showcase your skills and experience to your interviewer. This includes how to structure your responses, meaningful answers you can share, and how to inject your passion into your responses.

Wow your interviewer with your skills and experience.

Learn how to appropriately follow up with your interviewer after your interview in a way that shows determination instead of desperation. This includes how to leave a final impression, how to get an answer on the status of your application, what to do if you’re successful, and what to do if you’re unsuccessful. 

Finishing your interview professionally.

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