Benefits of Professional Year

Professional Year significantly enhances your employability

Graduate employers these days expect far more than good grades from a prestigious university – they expect graduates to have exceptional communication, presentation and writing skills, and to be able to work successfully within a team. A?Moreover, even if you possess these skills, if you are unable to articulate them well in a job interview, you will be no closer to obtaining employment than if you didna??t have them in the first place. A?Unfortunately, university education simply does not teach these skills, or at the very least, doesna??t give international students enough practice to master them.

Herein lies one of the biggest benefits of Professional Year. A?With modules in the curriculum that include workplace communication and interview practice, you will receive the much-needed opportunity to put these skills into practice, and obtain feedback and improve where required. A?This, in turn, will infinitely increase your employability.

Professional Year will help you build your networks

With up to 80% of jobs obtained through networking, international graduates are advised to take any opportunity they can get to expand their networks. A?And what better way to do so than through a Professional Year? Firstly, you will be exposed to many other graduates like yourself whose networks you will be able to access. A?More importantly, however, you will build a substantial and crucial network through your internship. A?If you impressed your employer during your internship period, there is a high chance that they, or someone they know, will be able to refer you to, or even help you obtain, a suitable position after youa??ve finished your Professional Year.

Doing a Professional Year looks good on your resume

Many international graduates wonder how Professional Year looks on their resume. A?Does it look like I couldna??t get a job? Does it look like Ia??m wasting more time studying when I should be in employment? The answer to both of those questions is a resounding a??no.a??

Firstly, graduate employers want employees who are well-rounded. A?For the reasons discussed above, Professional Year will help you increase your employability, so can only help, not hinder, your future employera??s perception of you. A?Secondly, having a year of employability-related study, in addition to work experience in the form of an internship, is incredibly well-regarded by any future employer in comparison to months, or even a year or two of being unemployed or working in a casual job. A?Employers want motivated and career-focussed employees who are constantly interested in up-skilling, and by undertaking Professional Year, you are signalling to a future employer that you are just that.

The internship you undertake could (and in many cases, does) lead to a job

In the race to secure permanent residency, many graduates confuse cause and effect when it comes to residency status and jobs. Even though securing permanent residency makes you eligible to apply for more jobs, it does little to increase your overall chances of securing one if you have poor interview or communication skills, or you lack local work experience.

Professional Year provides you with local work experience, something which time and time again has been shown to be essential to obtaining a graduate job. Therefore, you will be far more employable by virtue of having this experience. A?Better yet, though, some providers report that upwards of 60% of their students get employed by their host organisation through the course of, or directly after, their internship. A?This means that you may secure a job even before you obtain your permanent residency – and hence you wona??t have to go through the stress and frustration of a job search, more interviews, more time unemployed, etc.

Doing Professional Year, then, may just be your best chance of securing employment.

Pathway to Permanent Residency

Not only does doing a Professional Year provide an incredible opportunity to obtain meaningful career related employment, but it also supported by the DIBP by providing 5 points towards Permanent Residency. A?An incredible gift for anyone with ambitions of migrating permanently to Australia.

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