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How many times have you sent out your resume? How many replies did you get back? It’s not you: It’s your personal brand.

A polished resume and LinkedIn profile is the first step to getting a job. When submitting an application or reaching out to your network, your resume and LinkedIn profile should be your bread and butter. A good resume shows potential employers your skills, previous experience, and ability to write professional copy. A professional LinkedIn profile displays your networking skills, connection, dedication to industry topics, and event participation.

Our personalised resume and LinkedIn coaching will help you format a sleek resume and use LinkedIn to help you find work in your industry.

What You Will Learn:


Book a meeting with our resume and LinkedIn consultant to go over your existing resume and LinkedIn profile. If you’re an international student in Victoria, this service is free and you can select a time that works for you.

Book a consultation. 

Review your resume with our consultant. They’ll tell you  how you can make your resume stronger and more attractive to potential employers.

Improve your resume.

Review your LinkedIn profile and presence with our consultant. They’ll tell you  how you can make your profile stand out. Don’t have a LinkedIn profile? Check out our LinkedIn 101 Workshop. 

Get connecting with a professional LinkedIn profile.

After your resume and LinkedIn coaching session, you’ll receive a five-minute feedback survey. This helps us keep our coaching service valuable and relevant to students and graduates like yourself.

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