What is a Professional Year?

A Professional Year is a 44 week course after your studies designed to give you work experience in your industry to help you reach permanent residency and launch your career. If you have already completed 2 years of study at an Australian university, hold a 485 Temporary Resident Visa and have a minimum PT or IELTS score of 6, you may be eligible for a Professional Year. A?



The Professional Year Program is available to graduates from the accounting, ICT and engineering faculties.


Why do a Professional Year?

A Professional Year gives you practical skills in the workforce that universities do not teach you. It is the perfect opportunity to build your network and can often lead to secure employment. The Professional Year includes both classroom time and work experience. A?The added bonus of completing your Professional Year is that it gives you 5 extra points towards your permanent residency.


Why apply through Outcome.Life?

Outcome.Life offers a support system before you find your Professional Year and while you are undertaking your internship. As part of Outcome.Life, we offer you the following services for free:

Before your Professional Year

  • A?A? Certification of documents
  • A?A? Independent advice on which provider to choose based on your circumstances, needs and objectives
  • A?A? Coaching on the best type of internship for you
  • A?A? Preparation for your interviews

During your Professional Year

  • A?A? Support to make sure your objectives are being met
  • A?A? Access to our network of professionals, businesses and startups
  • A?A? Connect you into our community of clients, employers, businesses and alumni
  • A?A?A?InvitationsA?to exclusive events with inspirational guest speakers


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