What we do

Outcome.life is an International Student Community focused on employment outcomes through intern placements, seminars and networking events.

Internships prepare international graduates for work in Australia and, together with our hosted seminars and events, set the foundations to secure ideal employment.

Our coworking space Outcome-Hub, further empowers international students and graduates to achieve their aspirations through access to a collaborative and positive co-working space.

Meet our co-founders
Gerard Holland

Gerard is a chartered accountant and has been a business advisor to middle market businesses and early stage innovation companies for over a decade. Gerard has also completed his Masters in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and has been working closely with international students and graduates for over 5 years.

Gerard loves his Aussie Rules football and is still actively playing today as well supporting Liverpool Football Club.

You can contact Gerard at gerard@outcome.life

Domenic Saporito

Domenic is also a chartered Accountant and has been a CFO and COO of many middle market service and technology businesses. Domenic has founded over a dozen startup businesses including the ownership of an employment recruitment agency for 14 years.

Domenic has a passion for helping people get the most out of themselves and their careers, enjoys public speaking and getting involved with Startups.

You can contact Dom at domenic@outcome.life

Education Providers

Are you an Education Provider and could do with some help placing your interns?

Outcome.Life are a team of professionals with decades of experience and extensive business networks in Australia.

We partner with Education Providers to place students into our broad network of host companies.

To enquire about our internship placements services, please contact us.

Reasons for partnering with Outcome.Life to assist you with your internship placements:

Professional - We are experienced professionals working across major corporates including business, accounting and information technology with the added bonus of owning and operating a recruitment agency for 14 years.

Personalised - We meet with every student to discuss their needs, then actively find them the most suitable internship.

Review student CV's - We review each Student’s CV to ensure relevant education, experience, software skills and achievements are expressed with the prospective host company and internship in mind.

Prepare students for success - We prepare students for their interviews at host companies to give them the best chance of success.

Support during the Internship - Our support for students does not stop once they have started their internship, but continues during their placement. We personally touch base with every intern during their internship to ensure that host companies are providing interns with the best possible skills and experience to gain paid employment.

Paid employment opportunities - We actively try to find paid employment opportunities for students during and after their internships.

Networking events - We are consistently running events to assist interns to grow their networks within the business community. We are also happy to make ourselves available to be guest speakers to your students on topics such as the latest technology trends and tips on how to stand out when applying for jobs (e.g. what employers are actually looking for in an accounting graduate).

Assisting graduates wishing to start their own businesses - We actively assist those interns with an interest in setting up their own businesses at the end of their internship by providing advice on business planning, corporate structuring, capital raising and from ideation to commercialisation of their ideas.

Outcome-Hub (Melbourne interns only) - A unique and much utilised resource available to all interns placed by Outcome.life in Melbourne. Interns are invited and encouraged to use our co-working space in the CBD as a place to come and ask questions, gain technical expertise or just some friendly conversation and/or advise on their internship. Outcome-Hub has been a core contributor to the community of international graduates in Melbourne.

Supported by the Victorian Government - We are proud to have been endorsed and supported by the Victorian Government having received a funding grant from LaunchVic to assist us in placing more interns into innovative companies in Victoria.

Students & Graduates

What is an internship?

An internship is the opportunity to gain experience in the Australian workforce and to dramatically increase your employability potential.

What is an internship?

The internship program includes a 12 week (generally) work placement where you will be able to use your skills in the workforce. This work is on a full-time or part-time basis and can be flexible to suit your availability.

Why do an internship?

Internships are the best way to expose you to Australian workplaces and workplace culture. University gives you skills and knowledge, but does not give you the opportunity to use these in reality. Internships give you practical experience and can often lead to secure employment.

The reality is that most businesses want to hire people who already have some sort of professional experience. So the challenge is how to get that first opportunity. Well, internships are the perfect way for your to gain that first crucial stint in your profession that will improve your employability potential dramatically. This is includes the high number of interns that end up in full time positions with their internship host company.

Why apply through Outcome.Life?

Outcome.Life offers a support system before your placement and while you are undertaking your internship. As part of Outcome.Life, and becoming part of our community, we offer the following additional services:

  • Coaching on the best type of internship for you
  • Preparation for your interviews
  • Support to make sure your objectives are being met
  • Connect you into our community of professionals, employers, businesses and alumni
  • Access to our network of start-ups
  • Discounts to events, seminars and lunches with inspirational guest speakers
  • Assistance in getting a job at the end of your internship
  • Training on particular programming languages or accounting software


The ability to have an university graduate join your business as an intern for 12 weeks, for free, is one of the best kept secrets in Australian business.

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