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Business Admin Internships

Business Administration requires a broad range of skills and practical implementation in order to support a wide range of business across a range of industries. Internships in business administration will provide exposure to the operational side of businesses, teams and their daily process.
To complete a business administration internship, you may have completed one of the following:

Types of Qualifications

Business Administration knowledge and skills are adaptable from a range of qualifications including: 

  • Business
  • Commerce
  • Business Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Humanities
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Entrepreneurship

Previous Business-Based Internships

Outcome.Life have placed hundreds of students into business administration internships

General Business Administration 
with ATLC

ATLC supports companies of all sizes and kinds (importers, exporters, distributors, etc.) navigate and adapt to the fast-paced supply chain needs and customer expectations of global business in the information age. Takes a holistic approach to global trade and end-to-end supply chains, where every aspect of doing business internationally is specifically addressed.

Business Analyst 
with ZayZoom

ZayZoon was created to end predatory lending such as payday loans and overdraft fees; a goal it accomplishes by partnering with payroll companies and employers to bring employees access to early wages on-demand.

Business Project Management 
with Saras.Care

Saras.Care is a social impact enterprise aiming to use technology to rescue, rehabilitate, and relocate at-risk girls subject to extreme violence. They are developing a range of technology-led solutions that can help anyone fight social injustices affecting women in India and around the world.

Things you might do in your internship

Business Analyst Internship

  • Organise existing data into a useful format
  • Liaise with senior stakeholders to establish areas of focus
  • Interpret data, assessing what is most relevant to stakeholder needs
  • Tailor presentations to different stakeholders that showcase relevant findings
  • Use evidence to establish areas of the business that could be made more efficient and assist in creating processes to support the business development

Project Management Internship

  • Work with stakeholders to establish goals and scope of a project
  • Develop project plan and structure using applicable project management methodologies
  • Allocate resources to ensure task completion whilst allowing for inevitable setbacks
  • Adapt plans as tasks are interrupted or scope altered

Compliance Systems

  • Thoroughly understand all relevant regulations, laws, and other applicable requirements that relate to the business
  • Work with stakeholders to allocate resources to compliance activities
  • Create system of checks to ensure that business activities are compliant
  • Train staff on what compliance is and why it is important

Preparing for your internship

During your internship, you will be required to learn and use  a wide range of software and programs. Knowing how to use these programs to a high level that will help you throughout your career. 

If you’re wanting to get a head start and make a real impression at your internship, we suggest you get ahead by learning some of the programs below in your personal time.

What kind of business' need business administration interns?

Every business needs employees that can plan projects, report on the business’ progress, analyse performance data, and ensure operations are compliant








Benefits of completing an internship

Real life experience

You have spent so much time with your head in books, now it's time to put that theoretical knowledge into action

Get Australian Business experience

Having Australian working experience is acknowledged all around the world.

Enhance your resume

You can update your Linked In & resume to show your future employees the experience you have.

Stand out from the crowd

Completing an internship will allow you to stand out from the other students who have completed the same degree as you.

Build professional network

Work with like-minded professionals within your industry.

Guaranteed Internship

We guarantee we will be able to find you an internship.

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