Below you will find a list of common questions and answers about our internships:
  • What is an internship?
    • An internship is essentially a job that helps a student transition from study to work. It is an incredibly powerful way for students and graduates to apply their learning and gain an understanding of what is needed in the working world. Internships allow students and graduates to further develop their skills and provide valuable experience that will assist in gaining meaningful employment in their field of study. Especially if you are new to Australia and are looking for a job, an internship can provide you with local, relevant experience that can help you differentiate yourself from other applicants.

  • Why should you do an internship?
    • Internships are the best way to expose you to Australian workplaces and workplace culture. University gives you skills and knowledge but does not allow you to apply your learning in a real-life situation. Internships give you practical experience and can often lead to secure employment.

      The reality is that most businesses want to hire people who already have some sort of professional experience, so the challenge for all graduates is getting that first opportunity. Internships are the perfect way to gain that first crucial stint in your profession that will improve your employability dramatically. We have worked with a high number of interns who have secured full-time positions with their internship host company.

  • Are internships paid or unpaid?
    • Unpaid internships are legal in Australia only if they are part of a vocational placement as defined by the Fair Work Act 2009. Please see the Fair Work Australia website for more information on the rules around work experience and internships.

  • Are scholarships available for courses that contain unpaid internships?
    • Yes. Many companies offer full or part scholarships to assist in payment of courses that contain internships.

      The availability of a scholarship will be listed as part of the internship details in InternMatch.

  • Who can apply for an internship?
    • Anyone can apply for a paid internship – young or old, student or graduate, local or international.

      Only those that are part of a vocational program, as defined by the Fair Work Act 2009, can apply for an unpaid internship.

      Also, you must have a valid visa of more than 6 months before starting the Outcome.Life internship program, as our online course and workshops can take between 6-8 weeks to complete and the internship itself is usually 12 weeks.

  • How long is an internship?
    • Internships usually run for 3 months (12 weeks), but do vary. Internships can be as little as 1 to 2 months or as long as 6 months. 6-month internships are usually paid internships.

      Internships may have an hourly component as well as a time period component, depending on the vocational course. Some may require a minimum of 240 hours, which is usually 3 days per week x 8 hours per day (approx. 24 hours per week). This allows 4 days for interns to continue studying and plenty of time to achieve your program objectives.

  • What are the benefits of the Outcome.Life internship program?
    • As part of Outcome.Life, and becoming part of our community, we offer the following services:

      1. Coaching on the best type of internship for you
      2. Preparing you for interviews and the work culture
      3. Access to our network of start-ups
      4. Discounts to events, seminars and lunches with inspirational guest speakers
      5. Support to make sure your objectives are being met during the Internship.
      6. Assistance in getting a job at the end of your internship
      7. Connect you into our community of professionals, employers, businesses and alumni
      8. Training on particular programming languages or accounting software.
  • How do I get started?
    • There are three simple requirements to get started into our Internship Program:

      1. Choose the type of internship you would like to do.
      2. Check that your visa is valid valid for more than 6 months.
      3. Booking the initial meeting with one of our Placement Consultants. You just have to bring 2 copies of your CV to the meeting.
      4. Register on our Internship Platform

      If you have any questions call us on 03 8899 7424 or drop into our co-working space Outcome.Hub at 17 Hardware Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000. We are here to help you transition from study to meaningful employment.

  • Do you guarantee a permanent role after doing an internship?
    • Nationally, over 30% of interns receive permanent employment offers at their host company after completing their internship and approximately 90% of interns begin working within their field of study within 6 months. However, we cannot guarantee that our interns will be offered an ongoing role. You can dramatically improve your chances of receiving a job offer at the end of your internship by learning as much as you can about the business and industry, working hard, networking and continuing to develop your knowledge and skills throughout your time with your host company.

      We facilitate internship placements for people who have recently moved to Australia with the intention that the internship turns into ongoing employment. We believe that doing an internship can dramatically increase the chances of getting a real paid job as it can differentiate the intern in a competitive graduate market. We have helped over 2,800 international students start their careers through an internship.

  • What should I do if I am allowed to do an internship for course credit?
    • If you are planning to do an internship for credit points, you will require official university documents outlining the course credit requirements. Once you have the documents, we arrange an appointment with one of our Placement Consultants, who will discuss the internship program with you in more details. They will also highlight the internship opportunities we currently have available in your field of study.

  • Why it is recommended to do an internship in the last semester of your University/Institute course?
    • University courses provide you with a range of knowledge and skills you will need to excel in your future career, however, they often lack real-world experience and training in a work environment. We encourage students to undertake an internship towards the end of their studies so that they can gain experience in a workplace, apply their knowledge to real-life situations and develop an understanding of Australian workplace culture prior to actually entering the workforce. Internships and work experience can be valuable tools to differentiate yourself from other students when it comes time to apply for full-time employment following your graduation, as employers often look to hire applicants with previous experience in their chosen field.

  • Does the Outcome.Life internship program includes fees?
    • To undertake an internship in Australia, you must be enrolled in an approved course. Our fees do vary depending on whether you are currently completing an approved course with a University/Registered Training Provider, or whether you will be required to enrol in our Work Readiness Program.

  • How can I contact Outcome.Life for more information?
    • If you are interested in getting more information about our Internship Program, please contact us on (03) 8899 7424, email us on hello@outcome.life, or just drop into our office to chat with us at 17 Hardware Lane, Melbourne 3000.