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Data Internships

Selecting an internship in data analytics can be very exciting and rewarding. One benefit is the range of businesses and organisations that require a deep dive into data so the learning outcomes can be very broad.

During a Data Analytics internship, you will learn how to collect, organise, clean, interpret and produce reports across a range of data sets as outlined by the host organisation. The goal is to portray the data in such a way that it helps answer a question or provide insights into what decisions can be made based on the findings.

Previous Data-Based Internships

Outcome.Life have placed hundreds of students into Data Analytics and Data Science internships

Data Analysis 
with BinSense

BinSense is an IoT based smart sensor technology business developed specifically to monitor and report on contamination levels within Yellow top (Recycling) & FOGO bins for councils and waste service providers.

Data Science 
with Wilh-Ma

Wilh-Ma have developed a portable wifi modem product that is rented for navigation, translation and last minute searches for travellers of the world. Their Data Analyst interns interpret and analyse results using statistical techniques to solve business problems.

Data Analytics
with AMHF

Australian Men’s Health Forum is the peak body for men’s health in Australia. Their data analytics team monitor discussions pertaining to men’s health which helps the business to identify areas where they need to improve communications or identify a trend happening across Australia in this area.

How to prepare for an internship in Data

To make the most of your Data Analytics internship, make sure you can practice and ensure you have a foundation understanding in a few different areas pertaining to data analysis

  • Make sure you have an understanding of statistics and basic mathematics
  • Have a foundation learning of python or R
  • Understanding the three main models – regression, classification and Clustering
  • Create your own project by collecting data about something you’re interested in and conducting an analysis showing key information about your data set. You may wish to provide a report outlining what you did to the data in order to get it to the point of presentation.
  • Strong communication skills – understanding what the problem is and what influences the problem
  • Gathering the data, cleaning the data and processing the data

Preparing for your internship

During your internship, you will be required to learn and use  a wide range of software and programs. Knowing how to use these programs to a high level that will help you throughout your career. 

If you’re wanting to get a head start and make a real impression at your internship, we suggest you get ahead by learning some of the programs below in your personal time.

Watch our webinar - Jobs of Today series about Data Analytics

Our guest speaker Bhavisha Shama who works as a Senior Manager in Data & Analytics at EY.

What kind of business' need business administration interns?

Every business needs employees that can plan projects, report on the business’ progress, analyse performance data, and ensure operations are compliant








Benefits of completing an internship

Real life experience

You have spent so much time with your head in books, now it's time to put that theoretical knowledge into action

Get Australian Business experience

Having Australian working experience is acknowledged all around the world.

Enhance your resume

You can update your Linked In & resume to show your future employees the experience you have.

Stand out from the crowd

Completing an internship will allow you to stand out from the other students who have completed the same degree as you.

Build professional network

Work with like-minded professionals within your industry.

Guaranteed Internship

We guarantee we will be able to find you an internship.

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