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Woman Asking Questions
Starting a new job can be stressful, especially if it’s your first job out of university. You may feel nervous about being the new person...
Benefits For Your Career Through Volunteering
You should know that volunteering can help you in many ways, personally and professionally. Mentioning your volunteering efforts on your resume and LinkedIn profile will...

Developing Professional Email Etiquette

04 Aug 2021
Communication Skills
Email is an important communication tool in our modern age, especially in professional settings. So, if you think it doesn’t matter how email is formatted,...
Emoji Etiquette In The Workplace

Emoji Etiquette In The Workplace

14 Jul 2021
Communication Skills
Emojis are everywhere these days. But are emojis appropriate to use at work? Find out more about emoji ettiquette in the workplace.
Dear Intern, Love Shan ​

Dear Intern, Love Shan ​

06 Jul 2021
Communication Skills
Welcome to this new world with no more case studies! Everything here is real. The work you do will be published, launched, and finalised. Your...

Top Employability Skills You Need To Develop

16 Jun 2021
Communication Skills
In today's ever changing job environment, employers are focusing on transferable skills – but which employability skills are the most important to learn and master?