Pre-Accelerator program for international entrepreneurs

Many international people are entrepreneurial and would prefer to start a business than working for someone else. This program is designed to validate an idea and provide the fundamental building blocks for bringing an Australian business to life at no cost to you!

Benefits of our program

** New extended 26-week program!! **

Business ideation & customer validation program

Resources needed to create your product MVP

Professional business & mentoring network for sustainable growth

Enabling the generation of their first revenue

Why a Free Pre-Accelerator Program specifically for International Entrepreneurs?

Many internationals people are entrepreneurial and have the ambition to launch an Australian startup business. This is why Outcome.life and La Trobe University’s pre-accelerator Program has been so successful.

Specifically designed, this eight-week Business Ideation and Customer Validation Program provides the knowledge and resources required to start an Australian business.


The successful result has seen 50+ internationals from 14 countries participate in two cohorts to bring together 30 enterprises. More than ten enterprises have then either commercialised their operations or been accepted into advanced programs. 

The Selection Process


Founders can register via the form on this page to be apart of the pre-accelerator program.


Interviews will be arranged to assess your traction to date, suitability and commitment to the program.


Formal offers will be made to those that we feel will benefit from the program.

Program Participation

There are no fees nor equity requirements for participation in this program. You will be required to be committed for the total length of the program.

Snippets from our 2019/2020 Summer Cohort

Participants come together two days per week to commercialise and validate their business opportunities. 

We create a community of like minded entrepreneurs, match them with industry mentors culminating in a formal pitch night of business ideas in front of experienced business leaders and investors.

Program Objectives for the 26 week Program

The objectives of the 26 week Pre-Accelerator Program include:

  1. Promote Australia as a supportive business environment for international students to start businesses.
  2. Introduce international students to Australia’s growing startup ecosystem.
  3. Attract and select entrepreneurial students (graduates or nearly graduated) from all over Australia, with scalable technology based solutions, that solve domestic and global problems.
  4. Provide international founders with the knowledge and information required to start and conduct a business here in Australia.
  5. Introduce participants to relevant business contacts to build a professional business network that can be leveraged both during and after The Program to scale their business. 
  6. Graduate participating enterprises through an initial 8 week Business Ideation and Customer Validation Program, to identify those enterprises that would benefit from the receipt of resources to create a Product MVP. 
  7. Provide those selected enterprises with the scarce resources and technical support needed to produce a scalable Product MVP.
  8. Assist enterprises to deliver their functioning Product MVP to first customers to generate first revenues.
  9. Graduate enterprises into Australia’s startup ecosystem by assisting with capital raising, and/or entry into advanced accelerator programs.

Mentoring you to success

Each enterprise will be allocated an Industry Mentor. Participants will work directly with their Industry Mento to formulate the specific business offering and validation for their unique enterprises.

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