A partnership between Outcome.Life, Rotary Victoria & Study Melbourne

Building Confidence & Social Connectedness for Victoria’s International Students

Benefits of our platform

Get matched with a seasoned professional

Develop your interpersonal skills with a professional mentor

Build confidence in your abilities

Feel supported in a safe online environment

Premium matching capability using artificial intelligence.

What is MentorMatch?

More than just a mentor/mentee matching program, MentorMatch is a partnership between Outcome.Life, Rotary Districts of Victoria and Study Melbourne and a sole purpose is to build confidence in Victoria’s 200,000+ International Students.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, MentorMatch recommends the most suitably experienced & qualified Rotarian mentor for each International Student. Mentee and Mentor then participate in a structured mentorship program, tailored to suit the individual needs of each student.

MentorMatch facilitates the assimilation of International Students into Australian social and business communities by expanding the International Students’ social, community and professional networks. MentorMatch boosts student confidence to connect with these communities, and above all, helps to bridge any cultural differences whilst studying here in Australia.

With the dedicated commitment from Rotary Districts of Victoria, delivering experienced and qualified mentors at scale, it is our belief that every international student in Victoria should have access to a local experienced professional mentor.

The MentorMatch Process


Mentors and Mentees register and complete their online profile using MentorMatch.

Machine Learning Engine

The machine learning engine will analyse the available mentors and mentees in the system to provide a calculated match based on their requirements.


Once matched, mentors and mentees can approve their selection and read each others profiles.

Program Participation

Mentors & Mentees agree to a start their formal mentorship engagement and excellent learnings and friendships get kicked off!

Mentoring you to success

Participants will have the option to select each other based on their member profile. The AI technology continuously learns from matches made within the system to offer better selections each and every day.

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