Remote Internships

The same as a traditional office-based internship, but from the comfort of your own home!

As companies are increasingly moving towards flexible working arrangements, remote work is a valuable experience for students and graduates. Don’t let long commutes or self-isolation interfere with your future employment prospects, start a remote internship today!

Why consider a remote internship?

Grow your industry experience with the help of experts

Prepare yourself successfully for the competitive job market

Increase your knowledge, skills and professional network

Practice working flexibly and remotely within a team with extra supervisor support

Remote Internships:
What can I expect?

As part of the Remote Internship program, you will receive the full Outcome.Life Work Readiness Program and 12-Week Internship:

  • Enrolment in our 4-unit online course focusing on Australian workplace culture, communication and etiquette, professional networking and job-seeking
  • Personalised workshop to assist with resume writing, LinkedIn content and interview preparation
  • A 12-week internship with one of our amazing host companies
  • Full compliance with FairWork Australia laws and guidelines
  • Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance for the full duration of the internship

The Remote Internships program also guarantees:

  • Registration and access to all required company resources, including video conference meetings, online project management platforms and cloud-based industry software
  • Regular progress meetings with your supervisor and/or team members
  • Plenty of support from our team to ensure that you are receiving appropriate supervision and meeting your learning objectives

IT Testing Intern, Udani participating in the daily morning meeting with her team

Udani is currently completing a remote IT Testing internship with GADA Technology.
She meets with the team at 9:30am each morning and again at 4:30pm each afternoon to discuss what they completed during their day and to gain further instructions or feedback for the next list of tasks they need to start the next day.

Catering to your career goals

Whether you are an aspiring Front-End Developer, Mechanical Engineer or Digital Marketer, we work with you to find the best internship to meet you professional goals and get essential industry experience.




... And More

Remote Work is the new normal

With the global changes to business operations due to COVID-19, the ability to work flexibly and remotely, communicate clearly and effectively with colleagues, demonstrate efficient time management and comfortably use modern office technology are becoming more essential than ever.

According to Business Insider, video conferencing software saw a unprecedented surge in downloads in March 2020, reaching 62 million downloads in one week.

It has never been more important to be able to show your future employers that you can manage yourself and your work in an unsupervised capacity and continue to produce great results to drive the business forward.

Remote internships allow you to learn about working from home in a supportive environment with help from mentors, supervisors, colleagues and, of course, the team at Outcome.Life!

Remote Internships:
Best Practice Guide

We have developed a Best Practice Guide for all interns and host companies taking part in the Remote Internship program to ensure that every intern has a rewarding internship experience.

Working From Home Best Practice Guide Page 1

Gain Experience and Stand out!

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