Danford College Professional Year Internship Program

Danford College & Outcome.Life have partnered to provide a quality workplace-related experience to enhance your career and employability skills.

Internships are a proven avenue towards employment within Australian industry.

We guarantee a high-quality experience with one of the host companies in our network.

Benefits of completing an internship?

Grow your industry experience with the help of experts

Prepare yourself successfully for the competitive job market

Increase your knowledge, skills and professional network

Practice working flexibly and remotely within a team with extra supervisor support

What can I expect?

Outcome.Life have placed thousands of international students into internships across a range of industries and sectors.

Our placement process is simple:

  • Initial Consultation – Our placement consultant works with you individually in a internship consultation meeting. We learn about what you would like to achieve in your internship and the kinds of businesses or careers you wish to pursue in the future.


  • Selection of Opportunities – Based on the outcomes from the Initial Consultation, we will supply you with a choice of opportunities currently available that match your interests, skills and career goals.


  • Tasks & Responsibilities – We provide you with a description of each internship opportunity before you start, so that you, your supervisor and Danford know exactly what to expect from your internship. The responsibilities and tasks you are given will provide you with real-life, industry skills to help you achieve your desired future career. You WILL NOT be making coffee for your supervisor!


  • Learning Outcomes – You can expect to learn new programs, platforms and new ways of doing things within your industry that you may not have learnt from a book.


  • Professional Network – Completing an internship is the best way to expand your professional network and to meet like-minded people. Job opportunities come from ‘who’ you know, not what you know!

Durga completed an Internship with Mentorloop and now has his dream job!

Durga came over from Nepal to Australian and studied a Master of Information Technology. 
Although he was qualified he found it difficult to get his career started in the IT industry.

That was, until he completed his internship…

Catering to your career goals

Whether you are an aspiring Front-End Developer, Mechanical Engineer or Digital Marketer, we work with you to find the best internship to meet you professional goals and get essential industry experience.




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What is the Internship Process?

The process is fairly straightforward:

1. The team from Danford will provide Outcome.Life with your details.

2. You will receive an email from your Outcome.Life placement consultant approximately 3 months prior to your internship start date, requesting you book in for the initial consultation meeting.

3. We will then send you examples of different opportunities for you to choose from.

4. We will then book you in for interviews with our host company representatives.

5. You start your internship!


Remote Internships:
Best Practice Guide

We have developed a Best Practice Guide for all interns and host companies taking part in the Remote Internship program to ensure that every intern has a rewarding internship experience.

Working From Home Best Practice Guide Page 1

Gain Experience and Stand out!

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