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Get real industry experience with an internship.

In partnership with Business College at IH, Outcome.Life have developed a gateway for students to enhance their employability in Australia.

Why Internships?

Getting experience within the Australian industry is an invaluable opportunity for international students to stand out from the crowd and to kick start their careers.

Most businesses in Australia value an internship experience when hiring a graduate. Outcome.Life internships set you apart from the rest.

Outcome.Life work with over 5,000 host companies and  across a range of industries, specialisations and locations.

Learn from the best

Social Media Marketing Internship Tasks

Digital Marketing

  • Strategies, including PPC and SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Social media and blog content creation
  • Digital display advertsing
  • Mobile marketing

Marketing and Communications

  • Competitor and persona researching
  • Assist with budgeting and planning
  • Event planning, hosting, and promotion
  • Media creation
  • PR and communications

Leadership and Management

  • Liaise with clients and stakeholders
  • Work with teams to enhance productivity 
  • Communicate with every department regularly
  • Evaluate budget proposals
  • Assess employee performance
  • Handle problems, identify new opportunities, and build trust and transparency


  • Speak, write, present, and persuade in a professional environment
  • Research, write, and analyse business proposals
  • Apply the knowledge of business concepts
  • Manage time and coordinate multiple tasks
  • Apply ethical principles in the business environment

Information Technology

  • Install and configure company computer operating systems and applications
  • Maintain and monitor computer networks and systems
  • Log customer and employee queries
  • Test and evaluate new technology
  • Diagnose and solve hardware or software faults

Project Management

  • Lead project planning sessions
  • Coordinate staff and internal resources
  • Manage project progress
  • Ensure projects meet deadlines
  • Manage relationships with clients
  • Design and sign off on projects
  • Oversee all project documentation
Why Add An Internship To Your Experience?
Isabella enrolled in Diploma of Social Media Marketing with ihBC and completed an internship with an Outcome.Life host company, Zayzoon.
While Zayzoon were unable to offer Isabella a job at the end of her internship, she did so well that her host company supervisor made a referral to one of their contacts and, through this connection Isabella secured a full-time job!
Internship Outcomes


The degree is only part of the journey

The experience of being involved in the Australian workforce is not something you can learn from books or research.


Work with experienced thinkers

Business are more likely to hire someone based on a trusted recommendation from a friend or colleague. The untapped job market starts with a coffee an internship.



Receive a return on investment from your education

Let’s be honest – we get a good education so we can get a job. Digital marketers are in high demand so you are more likely to get employment post internship.

A presentation by the Outcome.Life placements team to international students

On-Site Internship programs include:

  • Personalised consultations to assist with resume writing, LinkedIn content and interview prep
  • Industry-based internship with one of our host companies

Program Inclusions

  • Full compliance with FairWork Australia laws and guidelines
  • Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance for the full duration of the internship
A man giving a speech to a group of international students
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The value of Outcome.Life internships:

  • Experience in an Australian or International company
  • Access to Outcome.Life’s vast networking events
  • Become job-ready
  • Increased employability and career prospects


  • Easy enrolment process – submit an Expression of Interest and our team will organise the rest!
A networking event for international students at the Outcome.Life co-working space