LinkedIn Is Your Job Hunting Super-Tool – Here's Why

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Why Employers and Recruiters love linkedIn

According to LinkedIn Educator, Megan Edwards: “The resume or the CV plays a poor second to platforms like LinkedIn. Firstly, because most of our interactions – social and professional – are online to begin with. And secondly, because anybody who is a potential employer or recruiter is doing their fact-finding online before they have a conversation with you.”

Not only that, but many employers will spend more time looking over your LinkedIn profile than they will looking over your CV.

Think about it: While your CV provides important raw information and data, your LinkedIn profile shows potential employers how you behave online, what your professional interests are, what experience you have, who has recommended you, and why they’ve recommended you.

LinkedIn gives employers a much more holistic picture of who you are and how you can contribute to their business.

LinkedIn As a networking tool

But LinkedIn isn’t just about the words you put on your profile. It’s also about the connections you make. One of the first tasks with your LinkedIn presence (after you’ve successfully set up your LinkedIn profile) is to connect with at least 100 people of significance in the area that you want to be employed. This will show your credibility when you’re looking for a job.

Like our CEO Gerard Holland says, “Your CV is a tick-the-box thing. But you should spend your time building out your LinkedIn contacts because you will apply for a job one day, and one of those contacts, or a friend of that contact, will work at that company. Then, bang! You now have a warm application. You have cut through all the noise and all the mess, and you’re accessing the hidden job market.”

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So Should I Use LinkedIn, A CV, Or Both?

For your best chances of job success, you should have both an up-to-date LinkedIn profile and a carefully curated CV. While more and more employers are moving towards LinkedIn over resumes, some employers still like to view your CV as well, especially during the interview stage.

That being said,  focus most of your time and energy on LinkedIn. You’ll have higher chances of success through LinkedIn and it’s a great platform to apply for jobs and most importantly, connect and network with industry professionals. Some people are even giving potential employers and recruiters a PDF version of their LinkedIn profile instead of a CV.

Bottom line: While CVs are still being used today, they’re on their way out. Online and “living” platforms like LinkedIn are the way of the future. So don’t miss out!

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