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Getting tired of SEEK and Jora? You’ll have a much higher chance of finding a job through networking, which allows you to access 85% of jobs that are on the hidden job market! And the tool you use to build this network is LinkedIn.

Even if you’re not looking for a job right now, LinkedIn serves as your 24/7 online resume, helps you stay current with industry trends, keeps track of your professional connections, and helps you network with like-minded people. With more than a third of Australia’s population on LinkedIn, this is the place to be.

Our LinkedIn workshops will teach you not only about updating your profile, but more importantly, about how to use LinkedIn to connect with significant people.

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Register for one of our LinkedIn 101 Workshops hosted by our LinkedIn extraordinaires, Domenic Saporito and Joshua Tinner. If you’re an international student in Victoria, this service is free and you can select the session that best works for you.

Book a workshop. 

Review your LinkedIn profile and presence with our webinar hosts. They’ll tell you  how you can make your profile stand out to potential employers and get the most out of LinkedIn.

Get connecting with a professional LinkedIn profile.

After your LinkedIn workshop, you’ll receive a five-minute feedback survey. This helps us keep our employability workshops valuable and relevant to students and graduates like yourself.

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