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Many international and local students are entrepreneurial and have the ambition to launch an Australian startup business. But how do you figure out if your business idea is good? What common pitfalls can you avoid? How do you transform your good idea into reality?

This is what the Pre-Accelerator Program is all about. Specifically designed, this eight-week Program provides the knowledge and resources required to start an Australian business.

As a result of the program, we’ve seen more than 50 students from over 14 countries go on to create 30+ enterprises. More than ten of these enterprises have then either commercialised their operations or been accepted into advanced programs. Now that’s what we call success!

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Register via the form at the bottom of the page to enter the selection process for the Pre-Accelerator Program.

We’ll arrange a time to interview you to assess your traction to date, suitability, and commitment to the program.

We will make formal offers to whoever we feel will benefit most from the program.

You will be given the Program dates and details and are required to commit to the total length of the program. (Exceptions will of course be made for personal emergencies.) There are no fees or equity requirements for participation in this program.

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