Shape your future.
Get real industry experience with a remote internship.

In partnership with The University of Adelaide, Outcome.Life have developed a gateway for students to enhance their employability in Australia.

Experience = Employability

Getting experience within the Australian industry is an invaluable opportunity for students to stand out from the crowd and to kick start their careers.

Most businesses in Australia value an internship experience when hiring a graduate. Outcome.Life internships set you apart from the rest.

Outcome.Life work with over 5,000 host companies and  across a range of industries, specialisations and locations.

How it works

Step 1

Registration & Enrolment

  • Register for Remote Internship Program.
  • Book Pre-Internship Consultation with Outcome.Life.

Step 2

Internship Preparation

  • Receive Resume & LinkedIn review.
  • Select internship opportunities.
  • Attend interviews with Host Companies.
  • Receive internship offers.

Step 3

Attend remote internships

  • Start your internship.
  • Outcome.Life will continue to touch base with you throughout your internship to ensure everything is on track.
How will an internship benefit you?
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Hands on experience

Internships are not about getting coffee for the Executive team! Here are some of the things other interns have done during their internships

Business & Entrepreneurship

  • Market research and sector SWOT Analysis
  • Competitor mapping and product evaluations
  • Working with key business stakeholders to enhance functional productivity
  • Develop new revenue or product streams to help diversify the organisation from competitors
  • Research technology stacks for operational improvement
  • Storyboarding and mapping of customer journeys and develop alternative solutions for ongoing improvement
  • Development of business plans and strategies inline with organisational requirements
  • Assess employee productivity and create a tool or calculator to guide business owners as to when they need to hire more staff
  • Minimum viable product debelopment


  • Work with key business stakeholders to develop a brand strategy
  • Digital marketing strategies, including paid advertising & SEO
  • Social media & blog content creation & scheduling
  • Collection of customer data and analysis of interactions, visits, clicks etc
  • Target market, competitor & persona research
  • Assist with marketing budgeting & planning
  • Event planning, hosting & promotion
  • Implementation of marketing automation platforms
  • Complete analysis of previous marketing campaigns
  • Coordinate the design of promotional materials and distribute online and offline
  • Plan interviews for client/customer testimonials and press conferences

HR & Management

  • Development of employee procedures and policies documentation
  • Implementation of occupational work health and safety standards
  • Create internal business protocols and best practice standards to improve business operations
  • Performing employee background checks and verifying information
  • Conduction onboarding and exit interviews
  • Collecting and analysing employee data
  • Development of an employee onboarding and training plan
  • Management of employee complaints
  • Developing an annual Employee Review strategy

Accounting, Finance & Commerce

  • Bookkeeping, accounts payable and receivable, stocktake, management accounting
  • Accounting assistance using MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks and Excel
  • Data entry and construction of some financial statements (with appropriate supervision)
  • FBT preparation, maintenance of Fixed Asset Registers, General Ledger reconciliations and audits
  • Preparing analyses of accounts and producing monthly reports
  • Identify areas of improvement with regards to process and procedure and challenge the status quo
  • Customise financial plans according to clients’ changing needs
Internship Outcomes


The degree is only part of the journey

The experience of being involved in the Australian workforce is not something you can learn from books or research.


Work with experienced thinkers

Business are more likely to hire someone based on a trusted recommendation from a friend or colleague. The untapped job market starts with a coffee an internship.



Receive a return on investment from your education

Let’s be honest – we get a good education so we can get a job. You are more likely to get employment from your professional network than from applying for roles on job boards.

Key Details

Internship Type: Remote 
Internship Duration: 10 Weeks (Semester 1, 2022)
Days per week: 2 Days


  • Personalised pre-internship consultations
  • Resume & LinkedIn Review Session
  • Interview Training
  • Guaranteed internship based on your educational background
  • Dedicated support throughout your internship
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Pitcher Partners

“We’ve had 5 interns and all of them have been terrific. We’ve offered jobs to 4 out of 5 and the one we haven’t offered a job to is still completing their internship…”

Adam Stanley
Executive Director – Pitcher Partners

A presentation by the Outcome.Life placements team to international students

Remote/Virtual Internship programs include:

  • Personalised consultations to assist with resume writing, LinkedIn content and interview prep
  • Industry-based internship with one of our host companies

Program Inclusions

  • Full compliance with FairWork Australia laws and guidelines
  • Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance for the full duration of the internship
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The value of Outcome.Life internships:

  • Experience in an Australian or International company
  • Access to Outcome.Life’s vast networking events
  • Become job-ready
  • Increased employability and career prospects


  • Easy enrolment process – submit an Expression of Interest and our team will organise the rest!
A networking event for international students at the Outcome.Life co-working space

Click here to learn more about completing a virtual internship with the faculty of professions at the University of Adelaide & Outcome.Life