What is Career Catalyst?

21 Apr 2021
Three international graduates sit at a table in suits, smiling.

What is Career Catalyst?

International student working in hospitality.

From Casual Hospitality Work To Your Dream Job

Many international students in Australia work in hospitality to finance their studies. This is  a great start into work life. You get to know people and build your “soft” skills while working in a café or restaurant. You get to speak and improve your English and get used to a different culture. You may not be used to the sarcasm Australians use in their everyday life, so it’s good to learn all the new conventions before entering the job market of your chosen industry.

But realistically: Do you really want to serve and clean up after people all your life? Or would you rather build on the knowledge from your studies, expand your network, and find a job that matches your passions and most likely earns more money, too?

Certainly, some people burn for hospitality. But if you are an international student, you have most likely come to Australia to do more than serve coffee. You can achieve so much more with less effort if you are doing what you really love. So sacrifice some time now and extend your comfort zone to find your dream job. 

How Career Catalyst Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Outcome.Life and Study Melbourne have teamed up to create Career Catalyst – an employability hub to connect international students with industry and employers. Career Catalyst is a program to enhance employability and career development for international students. We help you create a professional network relevant to your skill set.

Mixing together entrepreneurship, leadership, and mentoring, Career Catalyst is supporting and empowering students with the right skills to excel in the Australian job market. Students can access a range of workshops, webinars, and online courses to improve their visibility on the hidden job market and, therefore, their chances of finding their dream job.

With Career Catalyst, it’s not just one career coach who has your back –  you have a whole community and network helping you connect with your future employer.

Thanks to the Victorian Government, this program is free for international students living and studying in Victoria.

International student smiling in a business suit.
International student working on his laptop.

What Free Services Does Career Catalyst Include?

LinkedIn Workshops
Learn why LinkedIn and networking are the most important tools on your path to finding a job in the Australian job market, and how to utilise them!

Interview Workshops
How do you excel at your next job interview? What do you need to prepare and what is better not to say? We’ll cover all this and more in our free interview workshops.

Interview Preparation Online Course
You want to learn and prepare more for your next job interview? This online course will help get you ready in no time. Go at your own pace, anytime, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Employability Webinars
Hear from industry specialists who will give you insights into your chosen industry and employability trends in our employability webinars! 

Resume & LinkedIn Coaching
Get personal coaching from our experienced coaches. They will meet with you one-on-one to help you improve your resume and LinkedIn profile, so you can reach more employers and build your personal brand.

Casual Jobs
We can help you find a casual or temporary job in Melbourne with one of our partners, so you can finance your living while you are studying.

Take Your First Step Now!

If you want to make the change to professional employment in your chosen industry, Career Catalyst is here to help! We have your back – no matter what you need help with on your way to finding your dream job. Sign up now!





Three international graduates sit at a table in suits, smiling.
Leonie Schaefer

Leonie Schaefer is a Social Media Marketing Intern at Outcome.Life where she helps create content to empower better employability outcomes for international students and provide host companies with diverse and passionate interns. An international student herself, Leonie is a bilingual content creator who also enjoys playing the Australian sport, polocrosse (a mix of polo and lacrosse).

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