Why Companies Are Desperate For Data

Your business has a data-related gap just waiting to be filled

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We are now in an age where data and automation are king. While many manual labour jobs are continuing to be replaced by machinery and software at a rapid rate, new roles and an increase of current roles in data automation are happening in tandem. Now we don’t need “just the job done” but people who monitor, maintain, control, and interpret what machinery and AI are doing to get the job done. 

Roles like data analyst, data scientist, data engineer, project manager, marketing analyst, IT analyst, and data architect are all in high demand in today’s data economy. In fact, if you browse the 100 Jobs of the Future as predicted by Ford Australia, Deakin University, and Griffith University in 2019, you’ll find that at least 10% of roles are data-related. 

But with so many companies desperate for data, how can small and medium businesses keep up with demand? How can you ensure you’re staying current, maximising efficiency, and optimising your customer relationships, revenue, software, and communications? 

The answer is interns. Our FairWork complaint unpaid internships allow emerging professionals to gain hands-on industry experience, build their network, and make a difference in your business. Let us show you how.

Data Analysis

Data analyst interns process and interpret data to give you meaningful insights. For example, analysing data from your past and current operations to make your business more efficient, fine-tuning your customer offering, and investing in the right initiatives to scale. This may look like market research, interpreting software or operational data, process mapping, or predicting future trends based on existing data. They can give recommendations to optimise your business and improve efficiency and revenue. 

Business Analysis

Data analysis can be broken down more specifically into industry-specific analysis, such as business analysis. This niche area of data analysis offers actionable insights based more closely on the area you’re wanting to improve. A business analyst will look at data with the view to solve business problems and meet business needs. 

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Marketing Analysis

With the internet giving anyone with a WiFi connection access to free or cheap marketing tools, competition is fierce and authentic, high quality marketing is needed more than ever. A marketing analysis intern can give your marketing team or marketing intern more insight into what’s working well, what needs improving, and where opportunities exist to better capitalise on customer growth and retention. 

Data Science

While data analysis focuses on solving problems you know about, data science interns ask questions that aren’t being asked and look for gaps in your operations, product, service, or offering. They may generate and demonstrate correlations between different sets of data and explain how one relates to the other. For example, what level of impact good customer service has on customer satisfaction and retention. 

You could say that data science interns look at the big picture to future-proof the problems of tomorrow. 

The Solution To Your Problems

Every business has a data-related gap just waiting to be filled. As the internship provider of choice, we work with tertiary institutions globally to bring talent to your business. This gives you access to emerging talent at no cost and offers the opportunity for you to empower our next generation of industry experts and leaders with hands-on experience. 

Signing up for a data intern with Outcome.Life is completely free. Our interns are tertiary qualified or very near finishing their formal education. Data interns will typically work two to three days per week for twelve weeks and provide personalised analysis and recommendations to suit your businesses needs. 

Getting meaningful insights and recommendations has never been easier! Register your expression of interest today.

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