Work Integrated Learning
Remote Internship Program

Remote internships offer the same learnings and experiences of a traditional office-based internship.



Outcome.Life has developed a remote internship model which is providing additional skills to students and graduates as communication and accountability is even more prevalent in creating successful internship outcomes.


We have identified several key support mechanisms designed to help both students and host company supervisors deliver an exceptional internship outcome and provide the necessary soft skill & technical skills required for students to excel in their future careers.

Process & Structure for a Remote Internship


  • Structured training Plans
  • 12-Week overall training plans
  • Individual week
  • Daily tasks


  • Detailed onboarding programs
  • Start of day meetings
  • End of day meetings


  • Daily recording of activity
  • Ongoing Assessments
  • Supervisor approval of logbook

Pre-Internship Preparation

Software & Programs

We work with our Host Companies closely to understanding as much about the internship as possible. 

This includes software and programs they use internally so we can provide pre-internship support to all students in preparation for their internship.


Training Plans

Students are provided with an overall 12-Week training plan showing roles & responsibilities as well as learning outcomes.

This is then cut into weekly and daily internship plans in order to keep students on track and to deliver in accordance with their educational course requirements.

During Internship Support

Outcome.Life support both students and host companies with best practice guidelines during the internship. 

Start of day meetings – (Video Camera On)

– Discuss daily requirements
– Potential Meetings
– Required Outcomes

End of day meetings –  (Video Camera On)
– Formal presentation as to what they achieved
– Ability to identify any issues or blockers
– Ask questions and receive feedback

Outcome.Life Support

The remote internship model also allows the team at Outcome.Life to jump on these calls to check in with the host companies and interns to hear about what they have been doing.


Post Internship Requirements

Daily Logbooks

Using our proprietary software InternMatch, students are required to complete a daily logbook specifying the requirements and outcomes for each day of their internship.

These daily logbooks are approved or rejected each day by their internship supervisor to validate their experience and to keep all interns on track.

Students are then able to update their entries based on the feedback of their supervisor.

Udani is completing an internship with GADA Technology – learning about automated testing.

GADA Technology create custom software for business’ all around the world.

Frequently asked questions

Outcome.Life have over 5000 host companies across Australia, many of which are happy to provide remote guidance and support. 

Our business range from large corporates all the way through to Australian start-ups and everything in between.

Outcome.Life have designed a best practice guideline for remote internships.

We run through our model with both host company supervisors and students to ensure everyone is aware of the requirements.

Once a student starts their internship, they’re able to download the App from the Apple or Google Play store.

They’re able to then log into the platform and complete their daily journal.

Once they submit a journal their supervisor is notified and they are required to go in an approve the students logbook submission.

Absolutely, part of offering a transparent services, is that you are able to log into InternMatch and see all entries submitted throughout the duration of the internship. 

Outcome.Life check in via phone with the students multiple times during their internship.

We will also log into group meetings and check their daily logbooks from time to time to ensure everything is on track.

Students are also instructed to get in touch with us immediately if they’re not receiving the allocated support and we are quick to get on a call with the host companies to put alternative solutions in place.

Most host companies are more than happy to offer a hybrid model of internship. 


Working in a business is more than just completing tasks associated to the role. 

We encourage students and host companies to plan fun social activities to help form personal professional relationships for both the intern and their teams.


If you have more questions about the program, Contact Us

What our students say

"Due to COVID-19, my internship started in the office but I was then asked to work from home. I loved this as I was able to video call with my team each day and even had 'virtual coffee's' with my supervisor."
Steven Chang
Front-End Developer Internship
"My internship is with an accounting firm. In my internship not only did I get to use accounting software, we also communicated via Microsoft Teams and kept track of our jobs using Trello. I really like learning the new software."
Kumar Hareshrahman
General Accounting Internship
"I really enjoyed my internship. My supervisor was very helpful. We would talk at least two times per day and each week the whole team would meet on Mondays."
Jessica Kaur
IT Help Desk Internship
"I was confident doing a remote internship as I also do some work via Freelancer. My internship was only with a small team so I worked directly with the marketing manager.
Naveen Amandeep
Social Media Marketing Internship